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Let It Snow

I get excited about wrapping presents, not buying them mind you, cuz it takes a lot of time and effort and I worry too much about getting something that makes the recipient happy, but wrapping them really warms my tiny little heart. I don’t get to do it often, so when I got roped into the office Secret Santa thingamajiggy, I thought to myself “how hard could it be?” Believe me, it’s hard.

Buying a present for a totally random guy in a given budget is not easy. For a girl it’s simple, stop at Bodyshop or your friendly neighbourhood nice-smelling-girly-shop, pick anything from their rather extensive variety, ask them to gift wrap it and ta-da you are done! (Caution: This only works for female to female presents. A random dude buying a random girl cherry blossom scented body lotion because he happened to pick her name out of a hat comes across as creepy). After going around the Mall of the Emirates end to end, both floors, four times, I finally settled for buckyballs (119AED for smaller model at Virgin Megastore). It was over the stated budget of 50-100AED, but hey, it looked like fun, I’d very much like getting it as a gift myself. (Nudge: If anybody is planning on buying me a present anytime soon, I want bucky balls, balls not cubes, and preferably the larger sized model).

Present acquired, time to wrap. I went for plain dull gold paper that I had picked up from Daiso earlier, double layered it around the package, but I could still see the orange label through the paper. First inclination was to go for ribbon, but ribbon is a waste on a guy’s present, no matter how well you know him. Men just do not appreciate ribbon. A little searching for Christmas themed gift toppers brought me to How About Orange and her wonderful paper snowflakes. I decided to do mine in embossed silver paper, which in the end turned out very pretty, a bit too pretty for a random office Secret-Santa present. I finally settled for an Origami crane, a derivative of the Japanese one thousand cranes concept, and tied a name tag with a bit of string (which I had repurposed from a clothing label) for the finishing touch.

As the dude ripped through the wrapping, crane et. al. popped the gift in his pocket without another word and walked away, I was glad I had decided against the snowflake.

Anybody want a silver paper snowflake, ironed once, slightly crinkled? (P.S.: never iron embossed paper, the foil crinkles and peels off)

35995972-DSC_0387 35995976-DSC_0388 35995990-DSC_0392 35995993-DSC_0393

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