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A Reading Vacation – Day 7

So yesterday was the last day of my vacation, boo! Woke up after 11am as usual, had breakfast while catching up on work (boo!) , drove mum to Bur Dubai, came back to Mall of the Emirates, and I, as usual, ended up at the library, returning the boo…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 6

dum dum dum … yes I am still sick and woke up at 11am (again). Was supposed to go with Faisal and Shruti for a photo/food trip to Fujairah but cancelled (again). Spent the day wrapped in a blanket on the couch, stuffing my face with copious amou…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 5

It appears I’ve caught one very determined flu germ. Was up most of the night sniffling, with an increasingly deteriorating throat and shivers. Consequently spent half the day sleeping, followed by entertaining a visiting friend. We had biryani, g…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 4

Got a headache, and a cold, and sore throat. Spent the day wrapped in a blanket, surgically attached to a tissue paper box, catching up on TV. Started watching Arrow today on a friend’s recommendation. It’s a new series with only three episodes ou…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 3

I seem to be waking up later and later every day. Also woke up wtih a cold. Still loving the leisurely breakfast followed by french press coffee. Hello my lovely! After spending the afternoon dozing on the couch, decided to play a bit more in the …

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A Reading Vacation – Day 2

I think my body has decided to make 11am the new 6am, that is when I’m waking up, like clockwork, every day. First off, not much reading was done. Other things were accomplished though: Best part of leisurely holidays, long awesome breakfasts. The…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 1

So today was the first day of my vacation, that one I had planned to dedicate to R&R in general and reading in particular. Stayed up better part of last night reading the Wolf Gift (only to fall asleep with 20 pages to spare). I had started it yes…

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A Reading Vacation

Yesterday, I made a list of books that I am planning to read in the next month or so. Yesterday, I also realized that it is nearly impossible to find more than an hour or two of peace in a day to focus on reading, which means staying up late at ni…

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Falling Off the Wagon … and then trying to scramble back on it …

Among things one must never do is gloat, even if it falls more in the patting-self-on-the-back-category and there are no unfortunate others to derive malicious pleasure out of. One must never gloat especially if one has a well-established habit of…

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