A Fictional Existence


A Reading Vacation – Day 3

I seem to be waking up later and later every day. Also woke up wtih a cold. Still loving the leisurely breakfast followed by french press coffee. Hello my lovely!


After spending the afternoon dozing on the couch, decided to play a bit more in the kitchen. Today steaming aborio (yes aborio, jasmine obviously is the usual choice but I realized I was out) rice wrapped in banana leaves; mixed with five different mushrooms (button, shitake, oyster, shemiji and enoki), soaked in stock before wrapping and steaming.


A never ending love for mushrooms (the edible kind)


A teapot – the most naturally obvious vessel for storing and pouring stock


More insights into banana leaves: use scissors not knives, cutting up and heating on a ‘tawa’ used for roti (flatbread griddle) is the easiest way to get this unruly wrapping under control.


Rice, blanched & chopped mushrooms, spring onion, sprinkling of soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil and enough stock to soak everything before wrapping up and steaming. need toothpicks to hold everything together, i’m using skewers


Turned out okay, can be better



Finished reading Five Children and It, following it up wtih Sunset at Blandings, PG. Wodehouse’s last (and incomplete) novel.


Spent last few hours of the day at Trader Vic’s for somebody’s birthday drinks. I think the cigarette smoke combined with my cold has done a number on me. Also 36 AED is steep for a virgin margarita. Came back home, scarfed down three Ferrero rochers, bread with peanute butter AND Nutella before crawling into bed, read to pass out under the influence of cold and allergy medication. It’s Eid tomorrow and true to my form I will wake up later than I usually do.

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