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A Reading Vacation – Day 7


So yesterday was the last day of my vacation, boo! Woke up after 11am as usual, had breakfast while catching up on work (boo!) , drove mum to Bur Dubai, came back to Mall of the Emirates, and I, as usual, ended up at the library, returning the books I had read

in the past few days, picking up the next part of Five Children and It, and reserved part 3. Part 2 is called The Phoenix and the Carpet and part 3 is

Story of the Amulet. I had read Five Children and It and Story of the Amulet when I was maybe nine years old and I loved them both. If you haven’t read E. Nesbit, you must.

Spent the rest of the day huddled on the couch, sniffling and watching TV. Finally caught up on Game of Thrones season 2.

I am reading The Drawing of the Three, part two of The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. The protagonist (the Gunslinger) lost two fingers on his right hand and a toe in the prologue. yikes! It’s an eight part series, so I’ll be at it for a while.

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