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A Reading Challenge is Vanquished …

… with oh about two weeks to spare.

I last wrote about it on November 3rd here, and I’ve managed to read the last six pretty much as planned, though I do admit I cheated a little and substituted Lolita with The Giver, which is one of the January twitbookclub selections.

I’ve realized Lolita is a book that you don’t read in one go, or in a couple of days. It is a book that you set aside and then come back to every few days or so. As of yesterday i’m 23% done with the book and I plan to finish it over the course of next few weeks. Meanwhile, here is my Goodreads link to rating and reviews of the books I’ve read recently in case you’re interested. I will just post the review to Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall here:

Fascinating reading. In all the glamour that is Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in pop culture and fiction, the author has decided to see the events from Thomas Cromwell’s perspective. I was surprised to see the negative depiction of Thomas More who has always had a sympathetic portrayal ineverything. More research is in order. In terms of writing style, the ambiguous “he” gave a bit of trouble in the beginning, but with time you get used to it. By the end, the trial of Thomas More somewhat distracts you from the thread of the book even though it is supposted to be a part of it. There is hardly any mention of Wolf Hall in the book, but the very last line makes it quite clear. Jane Seymour’s subservient wit makes you smile.

No achievement is complete without a picture


The reading challenge is done but I set myself an additional goal of finishing 15,000 pages, something that Goodreads tracks, here, as a statistic but not as a target. In 2011 I only read 22 books which equated to 10,926 pages, mostly thanks to the really long A Song of Ice & Fire series. This year my 36 (and one quarter) books have added up to 12,798 pages, which leaves me 2,202 pages short of my target. So here’s what I’m reading till the end of the year

Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower #4) by Stephen King, 687 pages


While the first book wasn’t that impressive, the story grows on you as you progress and now I find myself completely engrossed in the life of the Gunslinger and the mystery of The Dark Tower. [Read: 23rd December 2012]

The War of Flowers by Tad Williams, 758 pages


Our January Twitbookclub selection, I bought a copy on a whim for 2AED (about 60cents) some time ago, perfect time to finally read it.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan, 288 pages


A book about books, what can possibly go wrong? Also another one of our January selections, I have it reserved at my friendly neighbourhood library. It doesn’t add a lot in terms of number of pages but every little bit helps right

Bring up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel, 407 pages


Part 2 of the Wolf Hall Trilogy, quite looking forward to this one.


I have another 279 pages to go.


Oh dear, I’m half sure I’m not going to make it *off to get some tea*

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