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[#EclecticReader at @bookdout] 8. Memoir — The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

47287232-991197About a month since signing up for the challenge (read about it here) and we are already making progress. Excellent! Though some categories will obviously be harder than others, I’ve started with the unlikely category of Memoir, picking up Marjane Satrapi’s Complete Persepolis. It was also the August 2011 selection for twitbookclub (and you can find all about twitbookclub here, go on click the link!)

This book makes me sad. More than anything it drills home the point that history is cycling rather rapidly. And how a few people with power; imperial, religious or political impact and control the lives of everybody else. Hijacked revolutions, rapidly diminishing civil liberties, ignorance overpowering moderation, it is not just Iran’s story, it is the story of the region. And being that, it fails to surprise me, and as a result I feel underwhelmed.

I understand though why it would appear so fascinating to democratized, secular west, a fascination I find a bit overrated.

Presented as a graphical novel, it is a quick read and keeps you interested. Some of the panels really hit home on a personal/socio-political level. It comes with it’s share of well-placed understated humour.

Some of my favourite panels:





Cover Image via Goodreads

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