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Ramadan & Post Posterous Reincarnation

Ramadan might mean some test of patience and a lot of sleep deprivation but shortened work hours (currently operating on 9am-3pm) is a godsend, quite literally. It can be a month of re-set, and not just spiritually speaking, so I am trying to catch up with all the things in my life that I’m behind on, and the list is rather very long. Back when the news of Posterous getting axed came out, I quickly backed up my blogs and stopped putting up any new posts. That was over three months ago.

After months of sitting on it, I have pruned and consolidated my blogs and put them back online, this time, as is fairly obvious, on WordPress with the hope that the service won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As was expected, all the URLs were taken so Everything-Else and Mostly Fiction have combined to become A Fictional Existence (ta-da!) while A Spatial Existence will stay, a dedicated photography blog, exchanging .posterous.com with .wordpress.com. I still need to clean it up, re-upload and re-attach the images, and fix the formatting so that for another day (hopefully tomorrow if the current bout of productivity stays). This blog will become a bit more diverse as everything except photography will now get routed here. Anyway, we are back from the dead, if you see any missing images or broken links, let me know!

I have a few book reviews up my sleeve and need to catch up with The Ecelectic Reader Challenge and I for the life of me can’t seem to figure out why the home page post summary isn’t rolling up and untidily scrolling underneath the date & comments tags might be something to do with importing in from Posteorus but I can’t seem to be able to do anything about it specially since I have to pay 30$ to get access to the CSS … oh wait I’m rambling … anyway I leave you with a picture of my current read and one of my snazzy London metro line magnetic bookmarks. I got the Bakerloo Line. Paddington is currently holding my place in the book. Pictures taken using my old new phone, which I got in December ’12, wasn’t working out of the box and finally got it fixed today, thanks to a friend who picked it up, got it fixed and dropped it off. All in all a fruitful day methinks.



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