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My Husband’s Box

Here I was, totally lost about what to get le husband for the dreaded anticipated Valentine’s Day (I know I know but it is our first commercially-celebrated-holiday-of-love since we got married) and then I saw my Look Fantastic Beauty Box. So naturally I googled for available man boxes and well, nothing really fit my man. And then it struck me: why not make him a custom box of his own? full of all the things I know he will like and enjoy. And I could pack it all in … well the empty Look Fantastic Beauty Box of course. So the box got up cycled, packing confetti and all:

Step 1: What to Cover it With? Why Spray Paint of Course!

The can of paint I got when I was making a purple steampunk top hat (more on that sometime later) came in very handy:


four coats per side and you have this glossy smooth beauty. did I mention I’m very much spray paint trigger happy?


God I love spray painting. Not pictured, 20 minutes spent on hands and knees wiping air dried spray off my tiles. Crafting is tough work!


Step 2: Decorate!

The Barcode at the bottom of the box got some love too, so did the ‘Discover Something Beautiful #LFBeautyBox’ liner inside lid, the latter with a sticker cut like a ribbon with my.name ❤ his.name on it (names obscured for privacy):


Finally a cycle decal on the lid (he absolutely adores cycling) and his name (again obscured for privacy) spelled underneath with classic Scrabble letter tile stickers, both decal and stickers from the local hobby supply store:


Step 3: Make Passé Photo Collages:

Final Result – the red lining is repurposed tissue from flowers he got me some time ago:


Step 4: Fill ‘er Up!

Everything had taken out of original packaging (which I have kept, don’t worry) because nothing would fit otherwise.

In his box:

A back massage brush from Crabtree & Evelyn, for his frequent backaches:


Two mini candles from Bath & Body Works in Bergamot Woods and Sandalwood Citrus, yes he likes candles, how awesome is that?


Neapolitan Bergamot Eau de Cologne from Crabtree & Evelyn Heritage Collection; which the wifey can also use in a pinch


Space Invaders Carabiner Edition (batteries included). I might have played this one a bit before putting it in the box


Set of old-fashioned, personalised handmade (and not very neatly, my metallic markers were really acting up) vouchers and coupons tied together in black ribbon. I had the index cards, coloured pens and various stamps and stamp pads already at home. The voucher serial numbers are significant dates in our relationship. His name was written on the blank spaces:

WP_20150206_21_23_22_Pro WP_20150206_21_26_36_Pro WP_20150206_21_26_45_Pro

Not pictured but will be included since it’s not D-Day (errr V-Day?) yet, a box of macarons and one of chocolates from Forrey & Galland. I have jumped the gun on the post quite a bit because I finished it tonight and I was super excited, here’s to hoping the husband doesn’t see it. He doesn’t read my blogs after all.

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