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#UnemploymentDiaries – The First Ten Days

My husband claims being unemployed is making me a happier person

#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 1 – 1st June 2015: slept in late, vegetated on the couch watching TV i.e. like any other weekend. Deleted all ‘Now on Sale’ (one is afterall unemployed) notifications. Went to the mall … twice.

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 2 – 2nd June 2015: slept in late, again, need to fix that. Read 200 or so pages of Toll of the Hounds, book 8 of‪#‎MalazanBookofTheFallen‬. Went to the mall, that’s three trips in two days. Acquired sore throat and fever, self medication ahoy (mainly because one is not medically insured anymore).

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 3 – 3rd June 2015: Breaking all records of sleeping in late, waking up in the afternoon. I blame the fever. Another 200 or so pages of Toll of the Hounds ‪#‎MalazanBookOfTheFallen‬. Conducted the most ruthless closet purge in the history of closet purges; among the things discarded, one of the two pairs of jeans I bought with my first paycheck 10 years ago. I’ve kept the second one because I still wear it, and I couldn’t bear to part with both of them. Next step, the shoes, that will be harder.

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 4 – 4th June 2015: Did diddly squat i.e. read 300 or so pages, watched seven episodes, played with my three year old nephew, stuffed my face, ate a whole bar of chocolate. After much deliberation identified three pairs of shoes I’m willing to part with.

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 5 – 5th June 2015: Brunch, Dubai Brunch. ’nuff said.

#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 6 – 6th June 2015: Such diddly squats, much wow. otherwise known as TV series and some ipad games that shall remain unnamed

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 7 – 7th June: Surviving on caffeine, panadol and utter laziness. The attack of sleepless zombie nights persists.

‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 8 – 8th June: Went to the mall, then another mall and then another mall, as one does. Tried on reflective polarised Ray Bans with mustard velvet frame, bought an awesome pair of walking shoes on sale and an afternoon tea classics recipe book, as one does. It appears one might be shipping Australian Women’s Weekly books back to Australia. Played with the nephew. Finished reading Toll of the Hounds, Book 8 of‪#‎MalazanBookofTheFallen‬


‪#‎UnemploymentDiaries‬ Day 9 – 9th June: The house has devolved into sort/ship/pack/donate/try-unsuccessfully-to-sell piles. I might have forgotten which is which, and there are maybe about twenty of them. Watched seven episodes of Supernatural and I’m now officially out of grist for the bingewatch mill. Started reading The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. In the donate pile, six years (that’s how long I’ve been in Dubai) worth of purple sneakers:


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