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A Reading Vacation – Day 5

It appears I’ve caught one very determined flu germ. Was up most of the night sniffling, with an increasingly deteriorating throat and shivers. Consequently spent half the day sleeping, followed by entertaining a visiting friend. We had biryani, g…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 4

Got a headache, and a cold, and sore throat. Spent the day wrapped in a blanket, surgically attached to a tissue paper box, catching up on TV. Started watching Arrow today on a friend’s recommendation. It’s a new series with only three episodes ou…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 3

I seem to be waking up later and later every day. Also woke up wtih a cold. Still loving the leisurely breakfast followed by french press coffee. Hello my lovely! After spending the afternoon dozing on the couch, decided to play a bit more in the …

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A Reading Vacation – Day 2

I think my body has decided to make 11am the new 6am, that is when I’m waking up, like clockwork, every day. First off, not much reading was done. Other things were accomplished though: Best part of leisurely holidays, long awesome breakfasts. The…

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A Reading Vacation – Day 1

So today was the first day of my vacation, that one I had planned to dedicate to R&R in general and reading in particular. Stayed up better part of last night reading the Wolf Gift (only to fall asleep with 20 pages to spare). I had started it yes…

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A Reading Vacation

Yesterday, I made a list of books that I am planning to read in the next month or so. Yesterday, I also realized that it is nearly impossible to find more than an hour or two of peace in a day to focus on reading, which means staying up late at ni…

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Falling Off the Wagon … and then trying to scramble back on it …

Among things one must never do is gloat, even if it falls more in the patting-self-on-the-back-category and there are no unfortunate others to derive malicious pleasure out of. One must never gloat especially if one has a well-established habit of…

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“Help! my job is killing me!” she said. That was the last time they heard from her.

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Couch, Coffee, Company

If you knew me before July 2011, you would probably remember the unrelenting stress and continuous unhappiness that was my last (and my first) job, the one I resigned after much blood and tears in June 2011 after spending five years in the Company…

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l’existence Grande Portable

Today I embarked on a rather ambitious project of sorting, tagging and cataloguing (and hopefully post-processing) nearly 25,000 photographs that I’ve taken since 2005, which proudly occupy 108GBs on one computer and three separate hard disks. I a…

July 6, 2012 · 2 Comments

Office Crime

She was found after the weekend, slumped on her keyboard. The cops said she had been there for at least two days. the coroner’s report ruled the cause of death as ‘death by copy-paste’

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Yet Another Book List

For some reason my scant posts on this blog have ended up being about books. Oh well, I am not really complaining. Yet another book list, via shortlist.com courtesy @TheKarachiKid on twitter, this one is, quite literally, a heavy-weight … I give…

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Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books

Somebody posted this link on my twitter, via NPR Books of their list of Top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy books. A list compiled after 5000 nominations and 60,000 votes. I’m sure the list is by no means definitive, but it is a good a place to st…

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Things will never be the same again. Perfume lingers in the air still, a fading reminder of what was and what could have been.

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While the world spins outside persuing momentary happiness, she sits inside contemplating her weakness

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2012 Reading Challenge

If you like reading, goodreads.com is a nice place to be. I found it via my book club (twitbookclub.org). Last year (i.e. 2011, i’m still trying to get used to this new year thing) I signed up for their reading challenge, mainly because my OCD bra…

January 2, 2012 · 4 Comments

Let It Snow

I get excited about wrapping presents, not buying them mind you, cuz it takes a lot of time and effort and I worry too much about getting something that makes the recipient happy, but wrapping them really warms my tiny little heart. I don’t get to…

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They had been going on about it for days. Arguments, nay, discussions like this were becoming the norm. Much pleasure to be had in presenting, debating, countering and accepting the well researched arguments presented by each for his side of the d…

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Blight — otherwise known as #AnOdeToTheCommonCold

it flows ever present, continuous, uninhibited; and with it goes, the last remaining, cerebral functionality it flows, through an aperture, of minuscule proportions, and with it diminishes, consciousness it flows, viscous, languid, deliberate; and…

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Not Home

It wasn’t home. At least it wasn’t his home. He only paid the rent, and for the food, and the bills, and furnished it, and provided for the comforts, and the entertainment. No, it wasn’t his home. He couldn’t mark it as his. He couldn’t lay down t…

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